The Project

The Hop Garden is a community allotment where you can learn about growing food organically, make new friends, and help provide fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables for our local community. Close ties with our local primary school helps to provide an excellent educational resource for the children in the village; a space for exploring the natural world, growing and sharing ideas.

All the food we produce is grown without the use of pesticides, relying instead on working with nature rather than against it.

By encouraging wildlife onto the allotment, companion planting, and replenishing the soil through the use of manure, home-made compost etc. we aim to help keep nature in balance. More information is described in our environmental policy which can be found here

This is not always an easy task – especially where the local ‘over enthusiastic’ slug and snail population is concerned – but we believe that food grown in harmony with nature is not only better for us, but also the environment as a whole.

We have a polytunnel, which helps to extend our growing season, and we’re currently also growing a wide variety of vegetables outside such as turnips, cabbages, carrots, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, onions and garlic.

In the fruit corner, we’ve planted many soft fruits such as raspberries, strawberries and gooseberries, and there are also fruit trees such as apple and damson.

We also run community events throughout the year, which will be advertised locally, such as a Christmas fayre, summer open day and pumpkin carving.

The garden is run as a social enterprise company, which means any profit we make is put back into the local community and keeping the garden running through buying seeds, plants, equipment and training volunteers.

And finally....what's in a name?

The Hop Garden stands for
High Spen Organic Project, but it also points to one of the more unusual plants we’re growing – hop vines. More traditionally seen in Kent, hops are an essential ingredient in beer (future plans include brewing our own!) and, if placed under your pillow, fresh hops also help you sleep soundly due to their soporific qualities.


The Hop Garden is grateful to the following organisations for their financial, educational and moral support:

Community Foundation awards
Social entrepreneur grant
Food for All Mentor Scheme
Green Spaces Award + Community Award

High Spen Community Association
High Spen Primary School

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