Chicken chatter

If you're not a chicken fan, then probably best skip this post, as it's rather chicken-centric (although I do firmly believe most people would benefit from a bit of chicken therapy every once in a while). The rather fine hen above is Edith, daughter of Ethel and Derek - one of last summer's chicks who came into lay a few months ago. I wasn't quite sure what would happen if I crossed an Aracana with a Light Sussex as I'm pretty new to this chicken breeding lark, but I'm very pleased with the result.

For the past few days, Edith appeared to think that early February in the North East was a perfect time to think about raising chicks. It's amazing how stubborn a broody hen can be, even when you've removed all the eggs she's diligently collected from all the other hens, and told her quite firmly that it's far too early to be having such mad thoughts.

Just like her mother, she does a great screech which makes everyone within a five mile radius think that I'm throttling her, while fluffing up and bearing her warm belly at me. Fortunately, a few days with the door left ajar on the chicken house (it has been a little milder these past few days so it's not as cruel as it first sounds) cooled her down enough to convince her that maybe it's better to wait a little while longer.


Picture perfect

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